Thursday, April 12, 2012

Neophyte by Emmalee Aple

Eighteen year old Addyson White wakes up dead just before graduation. Someone came into the school cafeteria and shot her three days ago. This was not her plan for life and now she’s with her friend Hunter, living in a beach house with four other guys. These guys just happen to be angels and Addyson is now a Neophyte, the beginning stage of becoming an angel. 

Everett is the leader of the “link,” which is the name of the grouping of angels who take neophyte angels and raise and protect them for the five years it takes for the human to change to a full angel. Then they go off to be trained in whatever angelic job they are going to have. Wilhelm is his second and both angels were born as angels. With them are Hunter and the twins Graham and Greysan, all former neophytes who are now helping teach Addyson about her new life as well as trying to protect her from things that could harm her.

Their biggest challenge to Addy’s safety is another Link, formed by fallen angels who have gray wings, unlike the angels with Addyson who have white wings. Addyson is suddenly grabbed; she thinks by Greysan and carried off. But the real Greysan gives chase and ends up killing the fallen angel, which triggers a war between the two links.

Neophyte is a young adult novel. The angels Hunter and Addyson go to school, have homework, and go to prom. There is some romance involved but it’s confined to kissing. It starts out slow but quickly begins to build the story of Addyson’s new life and the choices she has to make. Emmalee Aple has made her heroine a strong girl who is not easily intimidated by the other angels of either link. She is kept in the dark by her own link but she keeps trying to find out what they know and demands to be trained to protect herself. There are times when she almost seems to be temperamental in some of her actions and demands.

This is Aple’s first book and the first of the Neophyte series. The book flows well, is well written with action and descriptions. The book ends with a well-done cliff-hanger and this book me interested enough to look for the sequel once it comes out.

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