Monday, May 21, 2012

Guardian by Gillian Joy

Hannah inherits the role of Guardian from her mother when she is burned as a witch in Salem in the 1600’s. The Guardian keeps the Crudelitas, those supernatural beings in the human world like vampires, werewolves, witches, warlocks, and the like, from harming the humans or each other. Wielding great power, she is able to kill with energy alone, talk from great distances into someone’s head, and project herself into a familiar place from a distance. 

But she can also give her heart to someone, experience loss by death, and frustration. She has those who love her enough to follow her, wait for her, and to die for her. She fights her feelings for two of the Crudelitas, believing she should never be with them in love. Will she ever find someone that will fulfill that spot for her?

Meantime, the one who ordered her mother’s death is still alive after 300 years, there is chaos brewing in the Crudelitas society, and someone is looking for her to kill her. She doesn’t have long to find who is behind all of the trouble before she believes she will die and the next Guardian will take over.

I really loved this book. Gillian Joy has given The Guardian a lot of plot twists and turns, several changes to the story and it kept me guessing how she was going to end it. She really packed in the surprises, I would think I had her story figured out and then “Surprise!” she would have Hannah or one of the other characters do something that would completely change what I thought would happen. While Hannah has a love life, it wasn’t graphic so the book is suitable for teens as well as adults who want a great story. And the next in the series, Forever, is out so you have the chance to keep going on Hannah’s adventure.

5 Stars: a wonderful read, good for adults and teens both.

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