Friday, January 20, 2012

Reading a pre-published book

I'm working as a reviewer right now. I've done it before several times so I know that this is final galley stuff and they are still working on doing final edits and I'm supposed to ignore what I find.

I've also been an editor.

This makes me crazy, like trying to have a split personality because, while I'm reading for content and not supposed to be reading for errors, my brain has been trained since 1973 to pick up errors and continuity mistakes in a document or publication. So, while I'm reading along, on page AA I'll find "she didn't leave the restaurant until after 2 a.m and tried to meet up with him" and then on page AG, I find the "where she dumped the ruined dress when she returned home before 1 a.m." Yes, I catch it.

My first thought is to write down all the mistakes I catch and send out the list to the editors but then I remember that this is NOT MY JOB! I'm not supposed to be doing this, my job is to read the book and comment on it. Do I like it? Do I not? Why? How does it flow, how is the character development, is it keeping my interest or does it drag in spots? I'm supposed to talk to the readers about the book, not to the editors about the mistakes.

And that is making me have to lock the editor side of me into the closet in my mind in a straitjacket and tell her to be calm and not bother me while I'm working. And she's sometimes not a happy patient at times.

Oh, but yeah, so far the book is good. I'm enjoying it.

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