Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lover Reborn by JR Ward

I just finished JR Ward's Lover Reborn. She is my favorite fiction author and I've looked forward to this book for a year now.

She did not disappoint.

What follows is the quick review I did for Barnes and Noble. I am doing a re-read before I do a proper review, I want to give the multitudes of her fans time to do their first read before I start putting up things that would be spoilers. This review is spoiler-free.

JR Ward has surpassed herself with this new book. Tohrment is still mourning his beloved wife, Wellsie and their unborn child as a new group of soldiers, lead by Xcor, seek to get rid of the king, Wrath, and the Brotherhood and take over. John-Matthew and Xhex try to make their mating work, and the rest of the cast of characters weave in and out of what is probably the best of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books to date.

There are the usual Lessers to be hunted, Glymera to be pacified, new characters come to challenge the status quo in Caldwell NY over the one year of this 600 pages of pure action and emotion.

Don't forget the tissues, there are some really emotional scenes in this one. You will laugh one moment, yell the next, and cry another. It's a roller-coaster of a ride but one that will have you wanting to re-read it almost immediately.

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