Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Review: Meeting Destiny by Nancy Straight

I spent all day reading this. I do not ordinarily read Young Adult books but this one is very interesting. And she has 2 more out. I'm glad because she left this first one in a pretty cliff-hanger.

Meeting Destiny by Nancy Straight

This book was a lot different that I expected and it was a very pleasant surprise to say the least.

The written description of the book had me thinking this was going to be more of a young adult romance read with some paranormal elements thrown in. I originally put this back on the "Maybe I will read it" list and went to read another book. I really don't read young adult books, most of them do not catch or hold my attention and I did not expect much from this one either.

I finished another book I was reviewing and then looked for something to read and picked this up again. I was on the second page when the action started rolling and it did not stop until the very end. I read it in one sitting, something I do not do unless the book is really good, and this one was really good.

Lauren Davis works for the local burger shop. Her long-time friend, Seth, drops by to get a salad and check on her ride home. Then a man comes in that makes Lauren pay attention, he didn't look right, like he was there for no good. And he was, he was robbing the shop. She had made excuses to get everyone out of the way and tried to get him tended to and out the door but a kid comes back to demand a toy and the robber swings to shoot him. Lauren puts herself in front of the bullet and she meets the man of her dreams, the man she has called her Destiny, Max Meyer.

There is a lot of back and forth with Max not wanting to interfere in her life, and misunderstandings with her friend Seth, her mother, Seth's mother, and others. It sometimes seems like everyone is trying to run Lauren's life, including a woman on a bus who talks to Lauren by telepathy and says she's watching her, and to stick to her path.

Lauren seems to be a trouble magnet. The police begin to be on a first name basis with her. Things happen around and to her and she always seems to be able to pick up on what's going on before it happens. And always, Max is there to hold her and help her think things through even though she sometimes fights that.

This book has a lot of very good story lines going through it. I actually cared about Lauren, I really liked Max. I sometimes wanted to smack Seth and sometimes I wanted to hug him.

And Nancy Straight has two more Destiny books out, which is good because where she left this one had me so flustered, wanting more, I'm ready to go get the next book right now and spend the rest of the night reading it. Yes, it's that good.


I did like this. FYI: if you like sex scenes in your romances, you won't find them here, this is a YA.

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