Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wicked Sinners by Charity Parkerson

This was a very different read from the first in the Society of Sinners series and quite a surprise in the end. I was not sure how I was going to comment on it because right up to the last quarter of the book, I wasn't sure that she was writing a sequel to the first Society book at all. The book was good, I was really interested in Adriana Claymore and the Druid, Julian Dubois and the whole triangle with his twin brother Jacques and Alain Moreau. But I really could not see where it was going in reference to the series itself.

Adriana buys a house in Martinique to get away from an abusive sister in Alabama. A delivery guy named Jacques Dubois helps her hang the drywall he delivers. Then she meets his twin, Julian, but he plays like he's Jacques so he can try to find Jacques because he's hunting his brother to kill him. It gets very complicated with Adriana finding an old diary that says that the twins are very old, the diary is dated to 610 BC. And she begins to find herself falling in love with Julien.

So much more happens but to tell you would mean I would have to spill all the good points of the book and I recommend picking up the book. It is good, with lots of twists and turns and surprises that make this one actually better than the first one.

My only criticism of this book is that Ms. Parkerson chose to go exclusively with Amazon's Kindle. That makes it hard to impossible for some readers to get to read the book. I am a Nook reader and the way I ended up reading it was on my laptop. This tied me to my house and couch. I love to read in bed or when I'm waiting at the doctor's or waiting to pick up a grandchild or my husband and I cannot do that with the laptop. Some readers will not even have this option and it will limit the readers she gets for her books, which is sad because it is a book that deserves to have a wide audience. This is why I didn't give her a 5 star on the book.

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